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Kuna United Methodist Church is a historic church in the center of Kuna, Idaho.  We started in a tent, literally.  We gathered, praised God, heard the Word, renewed our discipleship, and supported each other.  The church grew. We built our sanctuary in 1911 and remodeled it several times.

And we served our community.  We have been involved in food ministry for decades and currently host the Kuna Community Food Bank.

We strive to be inclusive, faithful, and community-engaged.  Our congregation includes children being formed in faith, young adults exploring what they believe, middle aged people refining their discipleship, and seniors finding new ways of being faithful today. 

We approach Scripture as a primary way that God calls us to faith.  The inspired writings handed down by our ancestors in faith reveal God's faithfulness then and God's call to discipleship now.  We strive to let Scripture form us, rather than finding verses that 'prove' our opinions.

Some of us grew up Methodist, but most didn't.  We come together in Christian community to journey together on the path of discipleship.  We uplift each other, challenge each other, and strive to be a community of safety and faith development.  

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Pastor Mia Crosthwaite

We enjoy having one of the few (only?) female pastors in Kuna.  Growing up unchurched, Pastor Mia brings an ecumenical background that reflects our congregation, including the Catholic, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches in her journey.  She is an ordained ELCA Lutheran pastor serving our church through an inter-ministerial agreement.

With a Bachelors of Science from Boise State University, a Master of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University New Orleans, and a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary, Pastor Mia is an Idaho native with strong roots in the Treasure Valley.  She and her husband have nine children, including adopted special needs children.

"At the end of the game, it's all about Christ," says Pastor Mia.  "We've heard the call to 'come and follow me,' so we stumble along, striving to learn and grow, keeping our eyes on Christ, and becoming the human beings God created us to be."

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United Methodist Church

Glorify God

We are part of the United Methodist Church, a world-wide church body founded by John Wesley and fueled by missionaries in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Remember those camp revivals from the early 1800s you learned about in school?  That was us!

"I love John Wesley and his conviction that faith is a 7-day a week affair," says Pastor Mia.  The early Methodists were called 'Jesuits' as an insult due to their dedication to spiritual 'methods.'  "And I love the Jesuits!" says Pastor Mia.

We are one of the largest Christian denominations with a proud heritage of evangelism and discipleship.  Like all faithful communities, change never ends.    

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