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Death & Resurrection

Death & Resurrection

This week the story of salvation unfolds for us. After teaching and preaching, this week is all about action.

• Jesus washes feet and tells us to do the same.

• Jesus celebrates the Passover meal with the disciples and leaves us the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

• Jesus responds with peace and non-violence as the authorities get more and more violent.

• Jesus remains peaceful and generous, even until death.

• Jesus suffers, is tortured, is crucified, and dies.

• Jesus really dies.

• In the stillness of night, without fanfare, Jesus rises from the dead. God conquers the power of death. Life wins!

These holy, sacred, saving actions tell us about the God we follow. Some of this story is hard to face, but God gives us the strength to face it, so that we are strengthened to serve in God’s kingdom. And having faced the suffering, we can better rejoice at the saving!!

— Pastor Mia

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