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Scripture is filled with examples of God calling people who, frankly, were not good choices. Over and over, God seems to enjoy messing with our notions of what it takes to lead God’s people, speak for God, or do God’s work in the world. God seems bent on getting through to us that God does not need our position, power, influence, intelligence, talent, education, formation or even strength to do God’s work through us. When it is God at work, we only have to cooperate. God takes care of everything else. Most people can see these patterns in Scripture but haven’t considered that God is still up the same thing, including with with themselves!!! God has a purpose for each of us, and God only needs our cooperation. The charisms we will need to do God’s work have already been given to us, we only need to use them. It can feel vulnerable to put ourselves in situations, relying on God to show up and do the heavy lifting. I get that. And yet, God shows up every time. Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30am as we gather outside, in a place not built for worship, but that God transforms into our holy sanctuary. — Pastor Mia

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