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I once had a lifelong Methodist tell me, “we Methodists are do-gooders.” I would agree with that. So much wonderful work is done by Methodists. Just look at our own church and all the good work we do — food bank, food drive, back to school hair cuts, etc. We are known in the community for our outreach. Doing good seems to come naturally. Talking is another matter.

This whole worship series about telling others about your faith can feel unnerving. Even talking to your friends about your faith can feel unnerving. We need practice. Small groups are wonderful for that and this Sunday you’ll be able to sign up for a small group, if you aren’t part of one already.

But here’s the thing, Jesus calls us to go beyond do-gooding. Beyond golden rule things. Beyond niceness. Beyond our comfort zone. We are to be generous with our mercy and compassion, just as God is generous and merciful. Jesus calls us to give up the worldly standard of reciprocity and adopt the Godly standard of mercy and love.


Pastor Mia

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