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The older I get, the more mixed feelings I have about the holidays. When I was a child, holidays were amazing, the very best. Then as a young parent, it was stressful to get everything done, but so wonderful to be together. And then grandparents and parents died, leaving a sorrow. Then children grew up and moved away, leaving a sorrow. Holidays are still a wonderful time of celebration, but now also with heartache. Waiting & hoping for the coming of the Lord carried similar mixed feelings for the disciples. The longer the waiting lasted, the more discouragement creeped in. But God called them back to the joy of waiting & hoping over and over. John the Baptist did that, preparing the way of the Lord, saying “one more powerful than I is coming.” He tapped into our already surging longing — that God would be here. Do you let yourself feeling that longing? Perhaps getting ready is just opening our hearts and letting ourselves feel the longing so we are ready for the joy. Peace, Pastor Mia

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Cassidy Hood
Cassidy Hood
Dec 06, 2022

This also was stated in my devotional today. Waiting... However, it did share:

There is tremendous power in the celebration of Advent because it helps us claim every promise of God for our lives, families, businesses, and communities.

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