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Do Good

Following Jesus invades every part of our lives, because God’s love invades every part of our lives. This Sunday we hear a story about a person who did nothing wrong, but he didn’t do good ,either. He didn’t see the hurt of others. He didn’t feel the hurt of others. And he did nothing to relieve the suffering of others. And for that, he chooses his own hell.

Faith calls us to the joy of caring for others, of doing good without being asked. It’s good we do whether it is accepted or not. It’s good we do whether it makes a “difference” or not. It’s good we do because we love God and want to be like God.

This is a joy we are called to share with others. This Sunday we are doing church in the park — a perfect time to invite people to see what is so amazing about our church. Invite your friends & family. Be reminded of God’s great work in this world and enjoy a picnic together!

This Sunday 10 a.m. down by the creek, below the skatepark at Ave C.


Pastor Mia

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