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Give More

Last week we explored spending less during this Advent season. With such worldly encouragement to spend and spend and spend, leading to debt (and filled landfills), spending less is a spiritual discipline. As we spend less, we focus on our value & worth coming from God and God as the source of our hearts’ desires.

This week we’ll focus on giving more. Giving more of what really matters — attention, love, space. Loving God, we give more intentionally and relationally. This means giving more of our time, our energy, our memories, our talents, our presence. It means giving compassion to those who are different or frustrating. It means giving our attention and space to those we love.

Join us at worship this Sunday 10:30am — stay warm in your car listening through your car radio, or join me outside in your snowpants. Invite your friends.

Thanks be to God!!

— Pastor Mia

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