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It’s not a Fluke

We’ve been doing these BBQ/potlucks while also doing something for the community

for several months now. Every one has been fun, easy, and deeply connecting.

You just never know how it’s going to go with things like this. Sometimes they start out

great and then fizzle. Sometimes things go really well and it was just a fluke. I think

we’ve been at it long enough to say: It’s not a fluke!! Our BBQ/potlucks are amazing!!!

We’ve talked about the life of discipleship needing:

time alone with God

time with other disciples

time with the crowds

These BBQ/potlucks meet two of those needs: time with other disciples and time with

the crowds. God works through that time, growing us in discipleship and sending us out

to make disciples of others.

Be watching for upcoming dates when we will do it again!!


Pastor Mia

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