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Christmas is coming and we all know it. (My neighbor has their tree up already. Crazy.) We’ve got four weeks to get ready. There are decorations to put up, gifts to get ready, travel plans to make, and food to make, looking forward to 12 full days of celebrating!!

At my house we make a British Christmas cake that we start the day after Thanksgiving by soaking dried fruit, several days later we bake it, then let it sit in the fridge for three weeks. After finishing, it’s finally ready on Christmas day. (if you’d like the recipe, email me at The flavor of the cake gets better as it sits, making it a wonderful Advent preparation — there is something in the waiting that makes Christmas better.

In the midst of all that getting ready, we can be so preoccupied that we actually miss Jesus. This year we are joining Advent Conspiracy, resisting the pulls that draw us away from Christ, and instead drawing near to our God come to save us. Check out this great explainer video (link to:

Join us at worship this Sunday 10:30am — stay warm in your car listening through your car radio, or join me outside dressed for the weather.

Thanks be to God!!

— Pastor Mia

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