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Baptism & Truth

This Sunday we will hear the Luke text on the baptism of Jesus. Traditionally baptism has been understood to clean away our sin and to initiate us into Christian life. Jesus needed neither, and yet he joins us in baptism.

God’s calling out from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased,” speaks a deep truth. Baptism calls us live in the truth — truths we celebrate and truths we avoid. It turns out that deeply truthfully living is quite threatening. It was so threatening it got Jesus killed. Baptism initiates us into a life where the truth sets us free, even while threatening ourselves and others. Often the most difficult truths are the ones we avoid about ourselves. And yet, God loves us enough to be born one of us, while knowing the worst about each one of us.

Join us at worship Sunday 10:30am — indoors this week to keep us all safe. Bring your mask. Invite your friends.

Thanks be to God!!

— Pastor Mia

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