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At our Monday Bible Study we are reading the gospel of John and learning that while the other gospels are all about following Jesus, John is all about being with Jesus. The gospel writer uses words like “abide” and calls us to live in the light and life of Christ.

When we gather in Christian community, we are being with Christ! Christ is present to us in the Word proclaimed, in the Lord’s Supper shared, and in the gathered community. Jesus said, wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I am. We are called to be together and to be a community where everyone belongs.

Feeling like you are accepted and belong when you are new to faith can be a challenge. People have been told that they have to know enough or believe enough in order to be welcomed. Instead, we, at Kuna United Methodist Church, strive to be a community where belonging comes first. That’s how it was in the early church, and so we model our life after those first followers of Jesus, those first abiders with Jesus.

This Sunday take the next step on your spiritual journey by being with Jesus and finding a deep sense of belonging.


Pastor Mia

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