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The Bible is a complicated book. Actually, it’s 66 books bound together, and many of them aren’t even books. Some are letters. Some are poems. Some are apocalyptic imaginations. It was written over a millennia by very different people.

And then there is the issue of translation. In some religions, rather than translate their sacred scriptures everyone is expected to learn the original language. Jews read Torah in Hebrew. Muslims read the Quran in Arabic. But Christians use translation.

Understanding the history of the Bible, the way the church created the Bible and brought it together, is important in our faith journey. Because the Bible records the Word of God, coming from heaven to us. That Word of God is primarily Jesus the Christ. Secondarily, it is the message of Scripture.

In our enthusiasm for the Word of God over the centuries, we have pressed the Bible into roles it was never intended and in the process we’ve lost some of its power as a faith testimony.

If you’ve ever had troubles with Scripture, this Sunday is for you!


Pastor Mia

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