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As the holiday season approaches, we’ll get a jump-start with celebrating all God has done for us, who God is, and the Spirit-filled life we get to live.

In Bible Study, we are reading Paul’s letter to the Phillipians where he talks about “joy” over and over. Even though Paul is writing from prison, he still celebrates the faith-filled church in Philippi. Even though he is enduring hardships, his heart is still overflowing with the good news of Jesus Christ. Paul can teach us a lot about celebrating!!

We seem to be hardwired to be interested in new and novel things. Or maybe that’s just my modern culture talking. But I love new things! Sometimes we rearrange furniture, just to make the room “new” and different. God must love novel and diverse things, too, since all of creation is filled with diversity. This Sunday we’ll celebrate the diverse ways God is reflected in each and every person.


Pastor Mia

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