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Copying Christ: COMMUNAL

If you google “characteristics of Christ,” you’ll look a long time before you see “communal.” Christ was for us both personally and together, but while much is said about Jesus being our personal Savior, little is said about Jesus being our collective Savior. But he was. In fact, in the gospels Jesus’ saving work was almost always communal. We are saved together.

And that changes everything. It calls us together in church community, to the very difficult work of getting along and staying committed to each other even when it’s hard. It calls us to the prioritize the common good. … and it reminds us that loneliness is ours no longer, but that called together in Christian community, we have a new family where we always belong and there is always room for one more at the table.

This Sunday 9:30am. Bring a lawn chair or use one of ours. Warning: copying Christ will transform your life and the whole world.


Pastor Mia

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