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Jesus arrived in the most important place to every Israelite – Jerusalem. It literally means “City of Peace” and it was where the people worshiped God at the Temple. The Temple held their sacred writings (what we call the Old Testament) and it was the place where they did sacrifices. It also housed the Ark of the Covenant, the wooden chest covered in pure gold that held the tablets given to Moses by God with the Ten Commandments written on them.

Jesus arrived as an uneducated hick from the hinterlands, and taught in the temple to crowds of people. He taught with authority, even more authority than the educated folks. The opposition was getting stronger, but Jesus remained as resolute as ever.  

He celebrated Passover with the disciples, teaching them about service and status.  

They still didn’t get it. They struggled just like we do –  wanting to be the best, to get recognition, to be the most important. That healthy striving for quality can easily become unhealthy egocentrism. Jesus helps us stay committed to personal quality, while transforming it into spiritual quality.


Pastor Mia

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