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Copying Christ: FAITHFUL

Does it seem strange to think of Jesus as faithful? Can the second person of the Trinity be “faithful” to God. I tend to think of faithfulness as being loyal, but a better Biblical understanding is trust. That different is big for me. Loyalty can be done at a distance and is static. Think of loyalty to a sport team — no need to know the team person, just cheer them on. Done.

Trust is different. Trust happens only with closeness. It’s based on lots and lots of personal interactions that build it up. And I don’t think we can just decide to trust. Instead, trust is earned over time. It develops based on experience. That’s the kind of faith that Jesus had. Jesus frequently revealed his trust in his “Father.” He was close to God the Father, with a long history of interaction so that trust developed.

This Sunday 9:30am. Bring a lawn chair or use one of ours. Warning: copying Christ will transform your life and the whole world.


Pastor Mia

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