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Covenant as Relationship Agreement

My family loves Big Bang Theory. We’ve watched the entire series, all 12 seasons, more than once. The first time Sheldon brought up his relationship agreement, I laughed along with everybody else. It’s so crazy to have to write down how relationships work, and Sheldon often abuses the agreement as a means to control.

The Ten Commandments are like parts of a relationship agreement between God and the people of God — it turns out that we do need it written down. After saving the people from slavery, God entered a covenant with them, a binding relationship. God promised to be our God and then God gave the Ten Commandments so that we would know how to live as God’s people. Following the Ten Commandments binds us with God and connects us to caring for the world and each other the way that God does.

This Sunday, learn more, be inspired, and feel God reaching out to you. Indoor worshipers: 9:15am. Outdoor worshipers: 9:45am.

— Pastor Mia

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