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Does Community Matter?

When COVID arrived almost a year and a half ago, our best defense was distance. That nasty little virus couldn’t spread if it couldn’t get to the next person. So we went home. We worked from home. We did school from home. And we worshipped from home. Merely the act of staying home was a deeply compassionate act of caring for each other.

But there was a cost. God did not design us to be alone. Over time, the burden of distance got heavier and heavier. Eventually we could be together, but we had to stand far apart and cover our faces. Not being able to fully see each other and physical distance descended upon us like a fog of gloom. Out of love we did it, but sorrow soaked into us.

And then things looked better! With vaccination rates going up and the weather allowing for more outdoor activities, we were finally able to worship together last May! I’m told that first Sunday was like a family reunion, a joy-filled time of reconnection. Our Sundays gatherings continue to be a celebration of togetherness and God’s salvation.

COVID has powerfully answered the question if community matters. We can worship God alone. We can read the Bible alone. But it turns out that persistent spiritual solitude is not good for faith or discipleship or the human heart.

God is with us, and so is COVID. We gather because we are saved together. We gather outside to stay safe.

Join us, Sunday mornings 9:30am. We have chairs waiting or bring your own.

— Pastor Mia

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