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God Pitched a Tent Among Us

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

In the ancient world, people believed that gods were tied to the land. Having seen the miraculous presence of plants growing up from the land, brining life where before there was death, it makes sense. But the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was different. This God was with to the people, wherever they went. God moved as they moved, stayed with them, even as they were living in tents. In the gospel of John, it’s no surprise that the gospel writer lets us know that Jesus is the Son of God by saying, “the Word became flesh and pitched a tent among us.”

Our church is a beautiful and holy building. But God is not tied to the building. In these days of COVID safety, our church has moved outdoors. We have a new appreciation for God pitching a tent among us. As we set up for church Sundays morning, we pitch awnings and put our chairs. We set up the sound system and put out the altar. And then the community arrives. God has come among us, blowing through our tents with the holy breeze that fills us that fills us with faith and bids us to come and follow.

Join us, Sunday mornings 9:30am. We have chairs waiting or bring your own.

— Pastor Mia

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