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Entrusted by God

In the ancient word, the idea of God entrusting us to be part of God good work in the world was absolutely scandalous! Wouldn’t that degrade God’s magnificent power? God’s omnipotence?

Today we have a different attitude, often the other extreme. Many believe that God created the world and then politely stepped back to let us take it from there (called Deism).

Both idea are fundamentally distant, based in the belief that God and people are quite separate.

But God revealed something quite different through Jesus Christ —that our God is a god of closeness who entrusts and works through people.God is close, working through us and with us!

God entrusts us with food, of God’s creation. God entrusts us with time, of God’s creation. And God entrusts us with material resources, of God’s creation. God remains the great creator, the author of the universe, and God willing gives over gifts to us so that we may freely co-operate with God’s good work in the world.

Join us at worship this Sunday 10:30am — stay warm in your car listening through your car radio, or join me outside dressed for the weather.

Thanks be to God!!

— Pastor Mia

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