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Sometimes the way I think about God is so goofy. Like “finding God,” as if God is lost. Actually, I’m the one lost!! I’m like a little kid lost in the store and I “find” my parent.

But it still feels like finding God when I get into a space where I can strongly sense the presence of God. The mountains are like that for me. Last week at Luther Heights Bible Camp, it was amazing to spend time in the Sawtooth Mountains with kids from our church having wonderful camp experiences while they found God. They did Bible study. They prayed together. They learned religious camp songs. The highlight for many was the Faith Walk on the last evening, which included writing affirmations to cabin mates. So powerful!! And I’m so delighted they got to do it together.

Each one of us has places/environments where God is easier for us to “find.” Church is like that for me too. Your faith pulls me to God and praying/singing/worshiping together makes God so much more visible. I am so grateful to all of you for being part of my faith community.


Pastor Mia

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