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This Sunday FRESH START worship series begins. Make a fresh start in faith this year. That is exactly what Jesus offers us, the chance to begin anew every single day. But this is no ordinary fresh start. When we say yes to God’s new beginning in our lives, we are saying yes to an adventure that requires courage, perseverance, and boldness. We are saying yes to having our world turned upside down and inside out. We are saying yes to being stirred up and to stirring things up. …one thing is for sure, this fresh start is so worth it.

This Sunday we’ll hear the story of Jesus’ baptism, his initiation into a new phase in life, a fresh start in public ministry. And the first thing Jesus will do is tell people, “come and see.” It’s time for our fresh start, re-calibrating our lives to align with Jesus’ call to follow and then go make disciples. The acceptance of this adventure will be marked with anointing of hands, as we say “yes!” to God and yes to the fresh start Jesus gives us.


Pastor Mia

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