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Even though I grew up unchurched, I’ve been doing the church thing long enough that I’ve now heard many Bible passages so many times that they’ve gotten a little flat, their sparkle has worn off. Even teachings about trusting God dwindle for me and I need to hear them fresh again. Or maybe life is just a long journey of incrementally handing over pieces of my life in trust to God.

I think trusting God is tricky because it doesn’t replace personal responsibility. It’s not healthy or faithful to lay back, do nothing and “trust” God to do everything. I’m reminded of the story of a drunk person who approached Mother Theresa saying, “Help me, Mother,” and she replied, “Stop drinking.” and walked on.

And yet we are still called to trust God, completely. This Sunday we’ll explore what it means to trust God faithfully, taking that next incremental step in handing pieces our lives in trust to God.


Pastor Mia

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