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Gift of New Members

I love it when new members join the church!! It reminds me of my own joy, when I was baptized at 27 years old, speaking those baptismal vows and receiving the water poured over me. It was a powerful moment of commitment to God and a life of discipleship. The ancients said that in baptism our souls are marked for Christ — we are claimed by God. Even now, thinking about being claimed by God brings tears to my eyes. When we welcome new members, they renew their baptismal promises and the congregation renews theirs back to the new members. This Sunday, I’ll ask you, “Will you nurture one another in the Christian faith and life and include these people now before you in your care?” It’s a powerful vow you make. Every person has their own experience of God and their own spiritual gifts given by God. New members bring new faith and new gifts. I love seeing all the different ways God works in people’s lives and I’m inspired as people use their spiritual gifts. It builds my faith! God must love us very much to send these new members to uplift and build our faith, to be welcomed into a life of discipleship together. Peace, Pastor Mia

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