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God in the Seasons

I have always thought of winter as a time of silence, stillness, even death. The sun sinks down in the south as it gets good and cold. While winter looks like death with bare trees and frozen foliage, biologists tell us that a lot of important things are happening. It’s more accurate to describe winter as a season of rest and refinement. After all, bulbs won’t bloom if they haven’t had a winter chill. Fruit trees won’t set fruit without a winter chill.

I admit that I often don’t embrace winter. I avoid it by hiding inside and grumbling. Sometime in February I end my pity party and look forward to spring. But at what cost? What are the gifts God gives only in winter that I miss?

The truth is that winter isn’t a time of rest for squirrels and many birds, as we have seen during our outdoor worship (isn’t that a glorious part of being outdoors?). They seem as busy as ever. Winter hasn’t slowed them down one bit! In fact, the lack of background makes their energy easier to notice. The stage is theirs!

Is winter a time of rest and refinement for us, just like bulbs and fruit trees? Are we made ready for bearing good fruit by going through this season of rest and hibernation? Or is winter a time of energy and enjoyment? Are we given the stage to ourselves as we dance with God?

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