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Last Saturday we had our spiritual gifts workshop and I lead my first workshop outdoors. Because I was a vendor at the Boise Farmers Market for several years, I have some experience with outdoor functioning, but a workshop outdoors was new.

It’s a long workshop with a lot of information, and I was worried that people would be uncomfortable. If you’re going to hear a bunch of information, you need to be comfortable enough to pay attention. We had the propane heaters, people dressed warmly, and the seat cushions were wonderful, but getting chilled would be such a problem. Or having the sun in your eyes. Or too much wind.

At the end of the workshop, I finally asked my fear, “has this been too cold?” To my surprise, people said they were actually quite comfortable. Between the good clothes, sunshine, and propane heaters, people were comfortable! And then people started sharing that it was better outdoors. “I had no trouble paying attention.” “I didn’t get that slump after lunch.”

Not only was it not a problem, it was a benefit. God continues to surprise me!! We are doing all of this outside to stay safe from COVID. We are missing the beauty and comfort of our church. And God is still making all things good.

Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30am as we gather outside, in a place not built for worship, but that God transforms into our holy sanctuary. Weather might be cool, so wear those “good clothes”!

— Pastor Mia

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