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Holy Week

One of the things I love about Holy Week is that we walk this central story of salvation in real time. In the call to come and follow Jesus we find ourselves immersed in the story. Our discipleship is enhanced by imaginatively joining the story. It becomes a living prayer.

Palm Sunday — This Sunday we join the crowds welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem, waving palms to hail him as king. 10:30am outdoor service with palms & procession.

Holy Thursday — We join the disciples in the Upper Room, celebrating Passover with the Lord and hearing for the first time, “This is my Body.” 7pm chapel service with Communion.

Good Friday — Our hearts break and we are struck with fear as Jesus is arrested and executed. Tradition says that Jesus hung on the cross from noon to 3pm. 12-3pm chapel will be open for private prayer. 7pm chapel service with Meditation at the Cross.

Easter Sunday — The tomb is empty!!! Jesus has risen and God has conquered death!! 10:30am outdoor service with light, word, and communion. Followed by Easter Egg Hunt and celebration fellowship.

— Pastor Mia

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