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When I meet with other church leaders, there is often a how-are-we-doing time that begins with lament at the state of the church post-COVID. Pastors often are feeling discouraged and frustrated. Many are not feeling supported by their church. When it comes to my turn, I feel almost apologetic as I describe the growing faithful energy at our church and why I love pastoring Kuna United Methodist Church so much. Every week I find some new surprise of God’s activity at Kuna UMC and I just love it.

The book our leadership team is reading, “Canoeing the Mountains,” recommends that annually the pastor give an “I Have a Dream” sermon, an honest and personal sharing of hopes and visions of what God could do with our church community. This Sunday you’ll get to hear my “I Have a Dream” sermon, including why I love pastoring this church so much.


Pastor Mia

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