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I can’t stop looking at this image. It’s of a Syrian man landing on the shores of Greece with his family, e

mbraced by a Norwegian volunteer. In Syria the man’s family faced death. He risked everything to get his wife and daughters to safety, but it required a strength greater than his own. And there is a Norwegian woman, giving him the extra strength he needed, welcoming him, providing safety. It is an image of our deepest human longings and a strong, loving God.

Our hearts are drawn by God-given empathy to help those who are hurting.

There are many stories in the Bibles of refugees. Jesus himself was a refugee, fleeing the deadly persecution of King Herod. And the world is still full of refugees. God calls us to depend on others in our deepest need and to be there for others in their deepest need. This Sunday, those are the stories we will share on as we explore what God is up to today.


Pastor Mia

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