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Even though I didn’t grow up in the church, I still heard, “don’t do XYZ or God will send you to hell!” When Jesus got ahold of me in my 20’s and church community became an important part of my life, the actual message of the gospel just didn’t line up with what I’d been told. It was confusing. Sometimes it seems like Scripture was saying that God would send people to hell, but you had to use your imagination to get that message. More often, the stories were that people reject God and send themselves to hell. It took me a while to figure it out: wait, God doesn’t send people to hell.

This Sunday we’ll delve into Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast, where all are invited, but not all go. Some give lame excuses. Some just don’t show. But all are invited! You are invited!! And we also can come up with excuses. This Sunday we’ll celebrate communion, the sacrament of invitation.


Pastor Mia

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