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“To be a disciple means less about believing in a set of propositions and more about acting upon God’s Word as interpreted by Jesus.” — Amy-Jill Levine.

In my family, we tell our kids that their actions speak louder than words. And the truth is that’s true of everyone, even myself. Sometimes what I tell myself I believe and the belief expressed in my actions don’t match, and the truth is that my actions are truthful. By looking honestly at my actions, I can discover my deeper beliefs.

And, changing my actions affects my beliefs. Whether I think poor people are deserving or undeserving, when I serve them, my beliefs about poverty and myself change. Whether I think God is impressed with my prayer or not, spending time in prayer changes my beliefs.

Jesus tells us, sitting at his feet, that we are good. And we can be better. This Sunday we’ll hear Jesus teach us about practices that grow our discipleship, actions that make us better.


Pastor Mia

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