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Something powerful happens within us when we use our gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are flooded with energy and peace and joy. Sometimes that joy is overwhelmed by worry before and after, but in the experience of using our gifts, the Holy Spirit joins us. We are transformed and God is glorified. Using our gifts becomes part of our discipleship and even part of our worship.

Every Sunday we see members of our church sharing their gifts in ways that worship God and deliver God’s word to us. God keeps using those gifts all week long, uplifting those around us and glorifying God, even when the words are never used. What are your spiritual gifts? How are you serving God?

Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30am as we gather outside, in a place not built for worship, but that God transforms into our holy sanctuary. Weather might be cool, so wear those “good clothes”!

— Pastor Mia

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