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I’ve been challenging you to use the word “God” in a conversation each day. I have to confess that I have not been successful with that challenge myself. Well, I probably do use “God” in conversation, but it’s with my family. Does that count?

It’s hard to change habits!! I think about God frequently, but have learned not to talk about God. It’s just so uncomfortable. Talking about God is really about growing in honesty. If I’m going to tell what happened to me, like Leila and Gary did, then I have to have the courage to be honest about real stuff.

And then I have to listen deeply to what happened to others. That only happens when we meet people where they are. I used to think conversion was about changing your mind. I now see conversion as deepening your honesty. God has already done the work, our job is only the conversation.


Pastor Mia

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