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The “blessed” sayings of Jesus lay out God’s mission statement for the kingdom of heaven. These blessings are not transactional , i.e. do XYZ and then you get a reward in the after life. No, these blessings are for right now, i.e. do XYZ and you are blessed right now in this life, and in the next.

Living the unique mission God has given you is actually the way to your greatest joy. Using our unique gifts for something so much bigger than ourselves, releases a joy that is we call blessing.

This Sunday we will name the fresh starts we are making. Mine will include “learn Spanish.” I’ve been on the slow track to learning Spanish for many years and I want to re-start that. Not only is Spanish a beautiful language and it’s good for me to learn it, 14% of our neighbors are Spanish speakers so ministering to them requires proficiency in their language. It’s time to get proficient.

You matter. Your mission matters. This year matters.

What is the fresh start you are making this year?


Pastor Mia

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