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Prayer: Bold & Courageous

A friend of mine has said many times, “I believe in the power of prayer, but how does it work?” She has said out loud what I have often thought.

I want to know how prayer works too. Why does God need prayer? Why does God wait for prayer to do anything? Doesn’t God already know what we need?

In a scientific age, we are pretty interested in how things work. It’s a contrast to the ancient pre-occupation with who would we pray to and how we should pray.

In the Book of Esther, a Jewish girl has been made queen in Persia, but an order to execute all the Jews threatens both her family and herself. She prays. But her prayer is not for God to stop the genocide, instead she prays for the strength to confront the king. She must be bold and clever. Her prayer is not to change God, but to change herself. She asks the whole community to pray with her, knowing the power of communal prayer.

Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30am (new time!!) and we pray together, worshiping God who always gives us the courage and faith we need to lead holy lives. We have chairs waiting or bring your own. Warm clothing would be wise.

— Pastor Mia

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