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In the gospel, Jesus is asked 187 questions. He answers (maybe) 8 of them. Jesus asks 307 questions. And yet many of us have been taught that questions and doubts should cause us to be ashamed. If we are really going to follow Jesus, then we will join the 187 questions in the gospel. We will doubt like Peter and Mary Magdalene and Thomas and Isaiah and Ruth and Moses… and many others. The Biblical stories of our ancestors in faith show us that doubt is actually the pathway to faith. When you have questions and doubts, you are in good company!

This Lent, renew your faith through your questions to God. When we are certain, there is no room for growth. But when we have questions and doubts, we give God room to grow us in discipleship. Our questions and doubts make room for God’s grace to fill us.


Pastor Mia

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