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Religion, Politics and Money

What are three things you’re never supposed to talk about? Religion, politics, and money. These are things we just don’t discuss because opinions can be strong and tempers can flare. But as a friend of mine used to say, they are the most important things, so they’re the most important things to discuss.

Social media sure hasn’t made politics easier to talk about. For many, what passes as discussion looks more like slogan throwing. Our rhetoric has grown more extreme and our tolerance for divergent views has diminished.

Religion is on the other end of the spectrum. Most people just don’t talk about religion, or they only talk about it in the most general, indecisive ways possible. No wonder people don’t think following Jesus transforms lives; we don’t talk about it. That’s what makes testimonies like Charles’ and Elaine’s last Sunday so powerful (thank you Elaine & Charles!!).

Money isn’t discussed at all. None. And Jesus broke that rule. More than once. When Jesus talked about the opposite of God, he didn’t say it was the devil, he said it was wealth. Money and possessions easily become our idols. So our relationship to money is a spiritual issue, affecting our faith and our discipleship. Jesus was all about putting God first.


Pastor Mia

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