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Easter season has begun!! We go on celebrating that Jesus Christ rose from the dead for 50 days — all the way until Pentecost on June 5.

I have always been struck at the detail in the gospels of Jesus’ death as compared with how little there is of the resurrection story. The tomb is just empty. That’s all we get. The biggest event of the whole gospel happens “off stage.” In the gospel of Mark, it doesn’t even happen. And yet here we are, the church, birthed in the resurrection.

Scholars tell us that unlike a history book, the gospels were written as faith statements, and even more as faith recipes. The point was not to give us details, but to lead us to faith in Jesus Christ. The resurrection is too big for words, and so it is left to experience. We gather on Sundays to worship God, but even more to experience the resurrected Christ. The resurrection story is written in our lives, especially our communal lives, following Jesus together.

— Pastor Mia

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