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Seeing Beyond Myself

Last week my family and I snowshoed into a high country yurt above Idaho City. We loaded two days worth of food, clothes, and bedding on our backs and into cargo sleds and then snowshoed one and a half miles up a hill. Sections were so steep that one person pulled the sled while another pushed. It was hard work, but we made it.

And then we looked around. The views were stunning. This yurt sits on top of a mountain with 360º views. Even the kids were drawn to the deck and just looked. Something happens to your eyes and your soul when you can see so far.

The same is true of our spiritual life. So much of life is just seeing what’s in front of us and what’s unique to our own lives. It’s easy to see what we can control and what affects us daily. But sometimes we get the far view. We see the broad strokes of God in history, and we see the invisible effects of sin passed down to us.

This Lent, let us look for the long view. Let us ask God for the courage to face see the sin that we are part of, without even knowing it, so that we can turn to God again, be forgiven, and take our place among the saints.

— Pastor Mia

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