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Special Offering

Sharing faith changes us. Susan shared an experience of God last week, and it strengthened my faith. God touches us in different ways and hearing about other’s experiences of God lets me see God through their eyes. Then I realize how big God is. Her sharing was like seeds getting blown about in the wind, planting the kingdom of heaven wherever they land. Susan’s awareness of God was for her, but it also benefited the whole church.

Your experiences of God are for you and they are for the good of the church. Do you have a story about a time when God touched you? It’s a little nerve-racking to stand in front of everyone, and it is such a gift. Is this an offering you’d like to make for the good of the church? Let me know!

This Sunday 10 a.m. (NEW TIME). Bring a lawn chair or use one of ours.


Pastor Mia

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