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Surprise of God

Sometimes you can see God coming, and sometimes God surprises you. More often,

you see something coming and later realize it was God.

Ten lepers saw Jesus coming toward them, and they called out for mercy. When they

were healed, one praised God and returned to Jesus and thanked him. That leper, now

healed, knew that Jesus was something, but it was only after the healing that he

realized he had been healed by GOD!

Much of the gospels is about people realizing, noticing, seeing that Jesus was God.

What a wonderful, glorious surprise! This one they hoped for is God! God has come to

save them!!

And God still shows up, surprising us, healing us, and saving us.

Sunday. 10am. Inside our sacred sanctuary (no jacket required). Invite friends hungry

to grow in faith.


Pastor Mia

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