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Turning Point?

Two years ago, if anybody had told you that outdoor worship would be happening EVERY Sunday, you’d be sure they were crazy! Adding indoor worship actually felt strange to many after so long outside the church. And yet, here we are.

Life is different, but we are still gathering, proclaiming the Word and living discipleship together. There is a new energy in our church.

COVID has brought about huge changes and for many of us, cracking open the armor we use to keep God away. It would be completely out of character for God to skip this opportunity to rush to us. God always takes advantage or any opening we give to reach out to us, to gather us, to save us.

What if God uses COVID to restart and reset our world? And in that reset God brings in those on the highways and byways, and leads them to our church? How will we welcome? How will we include? How will we apprentice others to a life of discipleship, even as we are learning ourselves?

Perhaps this is a turning point for us. The armor has been cracked open and God is rushing to us.

— Pastor Mia

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