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Christian discipleship is really quite simple: Follow Jesus. Be an active learner. Love all. Model your life after his. Make disciples. Repeat.

Our following begins with blessings found in Matthew 5:1-11. They are words of encouragement. Proper attitudes and compassionate actions that are both blessings and create blessings.

As you have prayed that passage this week, what was the step God beckoned you to take into the kingdom of heaven?

After the beatitudes, Jesus sets the bar high: you are to be more righteous than the Pharisees (Matthew 5:20). It’s not enough to believe. It’s not even enough to follow. We are to do all that, AND bear good fruit. We are to walk the talk.

What a blessing to know that no matter where we are in life, that God is producing good fruit through us! That God keeps saving the world through us!


Pastor Mia

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