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When Christmas is Not Bright

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As the wind blew through Kuna this week, our advent cloth got whipped around the cross. It seemed to suffer in solidarity with many who feel sad, triggered, even despairing during the Christmas season.

Even as Mary proclaimed, “my soul rejoices in God my savior!” we know that her “yes” to God invited suffering into her life. For those who are living through their first holiday season after the death of a loved one, grief can feel fresh and new. For those triggered by past trauma, holidays are something to grit you teeth and get through. For those estranged from those they love, by mental illness or past conflict, the pain often intensifies during these “joyful” days.

On Monday, as we mark the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, we pray for those for whom Christmas is not bright. We pray for the suffering, the forgotten, the despairing, the grieving. Christmas season is when we remember that God became a human person. Jesus also suffered, despaired, and knew our pain. Christ walks with us through these hard days.

Join us at worship this Sunday 10:30am — stay warm in your car listening through your car radio, or join me outside in your snowpants. Invite your friends.

Thanks be to God!!

— Pastor Mia

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