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The Magi came from the East looking for newborn king. But they were really looking for God. Why didn’t they just say that? Why is Jesus called “Son of Man” instead of “Son of God”? More importantly, when people talk about God today, what do they mean? What do you mean?

“Who is God” is the first question of faith, a question we must return to over and over in our spiritual journeys. In childhood most of us think of God as a white-haired old man (who happens to look a lot like Santa Claus). In adolescence, God becomes our ultimate BFF who has our back (and seems strangely disinterested in those who are different from us). In adulthood God becomes our vocation-giver who calls us to a life of discipleship. In old age God becomes our comforter and wisdom-giver. For some God is a stern judge ready with heavy punishment. For others, God is a far away entity who started the universe and then politely stepped away.

No matter who God is for us, we know that our perception is woefully incomplete. Jesus came to enlarge our awareness of who God is. Some recognized him even as a baby, and traveled from the east to lay eyes on him.


Pastor Mia

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