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Young people have a lot to teach other generations. The wisdom of God in them is fresh and full of vibrancy. For example, the word “God” can mean really different things to different people. The youth group put together a working definition of “God” that they will use at youth group:

God: a deity, a friend who is a lifeline, gives hope to yourself, to give a better chance, and is a spiritual best friend.

For those past the teenage years, how does their definition compare to how you would have named God at that time?

Here is some more of their wisdom:

  • “God can destroy and create. Jesus was about creation.”

  • “God accepts you, doesn’t judge.”

  • “It’s safe to be blatantly honest with God. God sees all the goodness in you.”

  • “God likes hanging out with you.”

  • “God comforts you in rough times, supports you to keep going.”

  • “God gives us a way to redemption, help us to open our eyes.”


Pastor Mia

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